Sport is one of the most enjoyable ways to get fit – and stay fit. Even if you get too old to compete, you can also venture into the world of coaching, passing on the knowledge and experience you have gained to younger generations.

Customs differ around the world, but children are more often than not brought up in a world where sports are practiced. It helps them to grow into healthy teenagers and young adults, and it also shapes their character development, as well as their ability to work as a team and to put in hard work and dedication.

There are solo sports, such as boxing and tennis, and there are a multitude of team sports such as basketball, soccer, football or volley. Most people who have played a sport will go on to coach in their older years and this trend is most noticeable in soccer, where former stars often get their coaching badges and go on to manage important teams. Many start off with youngsters, which are usually a joy to train, given their enthusiasm and willingness to work hard.

On these pages, you will find sports, training and fitness related articles which will shed light on the relationship that athletes have with their coaches and vice versa. Some coaches have done the unthinkable – Claudio Ranieri and his Leicester Premiership wonder achievement in 2016, for example. But a coach is nothing without his players. There is a mutual bond of trust and respect which often translates to incredible form when the players take to the pitch. Coaching is not easy though! It’s not as simple as telling people what to do and just expect results.