Betting On Soccer – A Gambler’s Playground

One of the most bizarre incidents in soccer and gambling took place recently, when the reserve goalkeeper of non-league Sutton United got caught on camera eating a pie in the FA Cup tie against Arsenal.

downloadWayne Shaw was caught by the cameras eating a pie during the match – which Sutton eventually lost 2-0. The 47-year-old keeper, known as the Roly-poly-goalie, has become a cultish figure since the incident, even though he has been forced to resign from the team over a gambling investigation.

Some bookies had him at 8-1 to actually eat a pie – given his 127 kilogram frame – during the match. Lo and behold, he did it, and admitted that he had been told that bookies were offering bets in the event of this happening. Who knows? He might have had a sly bet on the side and decided to invest the winnings on a new sign up to an online casino, where he could have put in a signup fee and benefited from a casino bonus. But that is all speculation.

Shaw, who also coached up and coming goalkeepers at Sutton, and reportedly put his heart and soul into the job, was also forced to resign during the investigation. He received backing from superstar pundit Gary Lineker, who pointed out that this man gave up countless hours of his time to help run the club and man the trenches in time of need, saying: “Shaw, who slept on sofas three nights a week to help run and maintain Sutton has been forced to resign *FFS” on his Twitter account.

Although things might have turned sour for Sutton, Shaw has been approached by numerous chat shows, football analyst TV stations and magazines. Sadly, in a world where match-fixing is rife, the Gambling Commission has decided to pick on a small time football club’s reserve keeper for eating a pie during a match. As he said, he was simply hungry!

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