Boxing – The Ultimate Bond Between Trainer And Athlete

Boxing is a brutal, yet very popular sport, and there is no other activity where the bond between trainer and charge is so evident.

635662126206641904-GTY-472023442-800x600It is a very lonely sport, with just one person against their opponent, in a ring for a total of twelve three minute rounds. You have to boxe to know the feeling. Once you step in that space, it is just you, your skills, your hard work and dedicated training and the other fellow in the opposite corner trying to knock you out.

Summed up, it is very hard to hit the other guy, but so easy to get hit… It’s a very lonely place to be. The only respite you get is the one minute on the stool where the trainer gets involved and in that very short time, tells you what you are doing right or wrong in terms of game plan, what the scores on the cards are, what you should be doing in the next round, what your opponent is doing wrong and what he is doing right.

Because it is such a visceral sport, the boxer gets completely absorbed in the moment and can often forget what he set out to do in the first place.

And this is where the trainer’s role is so important. All those hours in the gym, sparring and putting combinations together are all for nothing if the trainer cannot get his fighter to follow the game plan that was hatched and devised over months and months. If the fighter listens, he will probably win and carry the day. If not, he will lose.

There have been some legendary trainers in history such as Angelo Dundee, Cus D’Amato, Eddie Futch and more recently, Freddy Roach, Buddy McGirt, Enzo Calzaghe and Virgil Hunter. What they all share in common is that they tame the animal in the fighter and make him think his way to victory.

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