Michael Jordan – Player, Coach and Team Owner

Does Michael Jordan even need an introduction? Mike ‘Air’ Jordan was a point guard who sharpened his skills with the Chicago Bulls at a time when the team was littered with talent, featuring players such as power forward Denis Rodman, Scottie Pippen and Tony Kukoc.

Майкл-Джордан-Лучший-игрокJordan was phenomenal, and game after game, he racked up impressive numbers of points. Many think that he was a slam dunk wonder, but he was more than that. He could dribble, fake, shoot and score.

Nonetheless, his title of ‘His Airness’ was well deserved. Jordan could out dunk anyone. He was so good at it that Nike named a line of shoes after him. Not only that, but 10 years after his retirement, they relaunched the brand and they are still on the top shelf today, some of the most popular sneakers in the world.

Air Jordan eventually retired and tried his hand at Minor League baseball, where he achieved moderate success. But he quickly tired and got bored and returned to the game he loved, basketball.

He could not longer get the spring in his step that he once had and turned to coaching. He signed up with the Washington Wizards and although he was their star player, he also had a big hand in drafting team strategy and developing players skills.

He was never the same as his peak best in the 1990s, but he was still a very valuable player and inflated the team to levels they had never before experienced.

Presently, he is the owner of the Charlotte Hornets, and while he largely sticks to being behind the scenes, he is known to drop into a training session to take part and to also impart some wisdom.

Michael Jordan is quite simply the best basketball player to ever walk the planet and his ability to be a second coach on the pitch always made him that much more special.

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