Try A Punt On A Different Sport

Many people who like to have a flutter often opt for a sport that they know and love. However, this can sometimes cause a bit of a bias and can make you bet against common sense.

12_MLAX_CullopTomBIGLet’s say you are a soccer fan and you support Manchester United. The odds are on that you would probably punt against Liverpool winning because they are your mortal enemies, right?

If decent odds are offered against Liverpool losing with a mediocre team, then a Red Devils fan would probably do it because the idea of making money off the fact that your rivals have lost is just too appealing.

All to often, the opposite will happen and you will not only lose your pride, but also a tenner or more out of your wallet. This is why you should have a go on betting on something different, such as US sports, for example. There are many sites that offer the opportunity to do this, but one of the better ones is Betway Sports, which many people who enjoy gambling will know as an affiliate of betway casino. On this site, you can bet on sports such as baseball, basket ball, NFL American Football and NHL hockey and others. If you like regular casino you have to try online casinos at casino24 with great offers table games, poker and roulette and slots.

There are even obscure sports such as Lacrosse that you can have a punt on. The key here is to not just rely on form and tables. US sports are very much focused on rotation. So, for example, if the top tier basketball team is playing one of the lower placed sides, it might decide to rest its star player, which could give the other team a fighting chance. It is up to you, the gambler, to do your research and see whether the odds are stacked in your favor or against you. Once you are no longer influenced by supporter bias, you will make your wagers with a much clearer head.

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